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ERP only for the big guys now belongs to the past!

You are running a small business and try to define if your business can afford an ERP solution?  You should rather ask yourself what is the cost of not having one.

By the –mid 1990’s, the early adopters of ERP systems were multi-nationals. SMBs (small and medium business) didn’t even ask themselves if they could afford ERP.

Nowadays, the situation has changed, even for small business.

In a competitive environment where companies have to achieve a competitive advantage and adopt a customer-driven strategy in order to fulfill the needs of always more demanding customers the question may be to ask is:  

“Can you afford to operate without it?”

In 2013, Mint Jutras, an independent research-based consulting firm specialized in analyzing the business impact of company applications, collected 475 qualified responses from companies with 100 or fewer employees for his ERP Solution Study named “World class ERP for small business? You can’t afford not to!”

This survey points out that 76.6% of the small business (that previously worked manually or with spreadsheets or decentralized programs) that implemented an ERP solution had a 100% ROI within the first 1-3 years.

Cost savings were certainly not the only benefits yielded in the survey. SMBs observed an average profitability (YOY) raise of 12.8 % and a customer retention raise of 15.6% since implementing an ERP.

Many small business think ERP is just for the big guys and keep using a combination of spreadsheets, disparate applications or outdated systems that can never meet their needs. Indeed, deciding to purchase a new ERP solution is a big decision but most companies are asking themselves wrong questions. They should focus on the following questions: What improvements could you achieve with an ERP? What not having an ERP solution is costing you? Can you still compete against companies that already have this competitive advantage?  

If your current software bother your ability to get an overall view of your business or improve operations while keeping operator time to a minimum then you are big enough to move to an ERP system.

Mint Jutras website:

by Michael Goetghebuer